Security & Compliance at Delvri


Ensuring data privacy of our customers and stakeholders

We accept that ensuring our clients’ and colleagues’ protection isn’t just the best thing to do, however a piece of our organization esteems. We are focused on ensuring the protection of people who register to utilize our administrations and who decide to band together with us. We need to ensure we work as per the GDPR and all relevant protection and security laws. You can contact whenever if there should arise an occurrence of extra inquiries or then again to demand for your information.

To learn a greater amount of how we process your information kindly visit our Terms and Conditions.


Security researcher, let us know of your finding!

One of the pillars of security at Delvri is our continuous cooperation with the security research community. We always welcome security reports from hackers through our bug bounty programme as well as independent researchers directly reaching out to us. For more details on our bug bounty programme or for general inquiries to our security team, please check our security.txt or send your inquiry to

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